Hi!  I’m Lisa.  I’m 50 years old, divorced for about 7 years now.  I have 2 amazing daughters aged 25 and 24 and a granddaughter age 4.  I’m a Nurse with a BSN.  I currently work full time in medical management for a TPA.  Those are the basics.

The thing is I’m working on getting it together.. the proverbial “it” being My Life.   Honestly, I let it fall apart completely and on all levels:  emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.   It’s unacceptable.  So… this is me getting IT together.  Figuring out how to live a whole, well balanced life full of Faith, Hope and Love!

My personal Faith is in one God over this Universe.  My Hope is that this blog and journey will help to figure out right living.  To obtain mental stimulation, emotional well-being, spiritual peace and physical health.  If that includes a kick ass Bod… well, yeah me!

So welcome to my Blog… no clue what it will include at this time as this is a NEW Adventure in and of itself.   I do know that I’m excited to begin, so here we go!!