Baby Steps

Have you ever wanted to make changes in your life?  IE. Decided you wanted to lose weight, be a better Christian,  be a better friend.  What were your expectations to achieve that goal?   I know for me.. I expected it to happen immediately.   If I wanted to lose weight, I went on a major overhaul of my diet and started exercising daily.  I was consumed by the need to lose the weight as fast as possible and achieving that goal took over my entire life.    Mind you, it worked; But the changes never lasted.   So in time the exercising would stop, my diet would revert to my love of all things carbs, salty and crunchy and the weight would go up, up and up.  So what do I do?   How do I change this yo-yo-ing in my life.   Well… I’ve decided to try baby steps.

Baby steps sounds funny, I know; but if you’ve ever been around children think about how they learn to walk.  It takes approximately 9 to 14 months and it begins with learning to lift their head off the floor, proceeds to rolling over, then sitting, pushing up on all fours, and then the rocking on all fours to get the momentum to crawl and once they are mobile, then they pull themselves up to stand and finally with help take those first baby steps.   These skills they learn are never lost.  They use them only to gain more knowledge, conquer increasingly difficult challenges and achieve success in their lives.

So, I was thinking, instead of expecting immediate change and just diving in like I typically do.. why not try Baby Steps.  Truly focus on incorporating behaviors into my current lifestyle that make a difference for me with my thinking, my emotions and obviously with my body.   Take the time to truly determine that I will maintain this new habit because I enjoy the benefits and positive differences I’m seeing and feeling. No doubt it will take longer to achieve my goals, but wouldn’t it be awesome if those achievements were so ingrained that I didn’t have to fight myself to maintain them?   See, if something doesn’t work when you take a baby step; you just change it and find the next little step that does work.

It’s a lot to think about and I have let myself go so far that it can be overwhelming, which is also why I need to do baby steps.  I want the encouragement of successfully achieving the small, short-term goals .. the baby steps that will help me reach my long-term goals.      And realistically, how fast I move through those baby steps is up to me and how well I feel they are working.

So what are my baby steps towards my general focus of a healthy well-balanced mind, body and spirit?  That will be a discussion for another time.  However, in all honesty, if I don’t get my spirit and mind in the game, anything I do to help my body isn’t going to last.  In consideration of this, I decided to start seeing a Christian Counselor.  HUGE Step!  Not a baby step….. but I think the FIRST Step truly is a gargantuan, mind over matter hurdle.   It’s the Beginning of the Journey…. it’s deciding you have to do something truly Monumental for yourself; making CHANGES in your lifestyle, your habits, your conditioned responses etc.    Recognizing that your current behaviors and practices are NOT Working and Change is absolutely Necessary.  But once you lift your head and recognize the need for the Journey…  you have already Succeeded!  You have made the biggest step that you really need to… the rest are small in comparison.  Robin Sharma stated:

“Changes are HARD at First, MESSY in the Middle and Glorious at the End”   

I accomplished the First Step.  Now for the Baby Steps.  Slowing the Journey down to ensure long-lasting CHANGE… that’s my focus.  Gosh that First step… deciding I needed to make changes was so challenging, not going to lie.  However, once I decided I didn’t enjoy the life I was living and that as hard as it may be to do something about it.. it was the only decision that made sense; because Won’t the Glorious results be worth the Hard and the Messy?

Baby Steps… it’s the key for me to achieving the change I desire.


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