Food- Smoothies 


Everyone adores smoothies, right?  Well for me that wasn’t the case, but I can say I’m a newbie BELIEVER now.

What changed my mind?   My parents.  Lol.  Yes my 70 something parents have been drinking liquid fruits, vegetables, nuts… pretty much anything in the refrigerator for 6 months now for breakfast.   And you know what?   They no longer need to take the supplements they were using for arthritis, joint protection, heart health, additional vitamins etc.

I may be only 50, but years of dance and cheerleading and gym rat behavior took a toll on my joints.  Arthritis greets me every morning when I get out of bed and I literally walk to the bathroom bent over and hobbling.

So I became a believer in the power of natural, Whole Foods and their medicinal properties.  Bought myself a bullet and here I am working on getting it together.

I think the reason why I enjoy them now vs. before is My Smoothies are a bit different from what I used to ingest.

Why?   Well…

1.  I bought them from the local gym or smoothie shack.  Now I actually make them myself.

2.  They used premade mixes and loads of sugar.  Now I use fresh vegetables… yes vegetables with fresh fruits and nuts with avocado or Greek yogurt to thicken and coconut water.   ( I’m allergic to bananas.. weird I know… so that required me to be a bit inventive).

3.  I always added protein powder, which can be good for you depending on the type.  However for me, I ended up putting on bulky weight not lean muscle so I learned that protein powder doesn’t work for my body. ** So no protein powder for me which is why I add a healthy, natural protein and healthy fat.

4.  I used to have smoothies as a snack, maybe after a workout or before picking the kids up from school.   Now I drink one for lunch.. used as a meal, not a snack.   Personally, I don’t enjoy it for breakfast.  It doesn’t hold me to lunch and I miss starting the day chewing my food.   So lunch it is.

I’m not an expert.  Have only been doing them for a week but am very pleased with how I’m feeling thus far.  I did buy a recipe guide to assist.  One that indicates the medicinal and physical benefits of a particular smoothie.  However, I’ve found at this point I just use what i have and sounds good.

The one pictured below is:  fresh Kale, Swiss chard, spinach, cucumber, pineapple, strawberries, cashews, Greek yogurt, coconut nut water and frozen nectarines.   Guess what?’   It was delicious, truly yummy- unexpectedly so.   If you want it colder… I would add Ice but I’ve read the benefits to your body are better received when not a “frozen” smoothie.

I’m excited to see how I feel after a month and then three and then six.  Will I wake up without pain in the morning?   Will I have more energy?   Will I not get sick as often?

Time will tell but so far so good for this new believer.   Can’t wait for lunch and my latest smoothie creation!

**.  Side note:  everyone’s body makeup is different.  You should really pay attention to what makes your body feel good and what doesn’t.  This is something I’m still learning how to do but it’s how I figured out I am allergic to some foods:   Wheat. Buckwheat. Bananas.  The digestive issues and abdominal pain was not enjoyable for myself or anyone else.


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